Commercial Grade
Pure Water Systems
Designed and Built
by Window Cleaners
for Window Cleaners!

PH7 Pure Waters Systems Inc.
High Volume 2 Pole Capable "Pure Water" System

PH7 Pure Water Systems for Your Business

PH7 was founded by Frank Myron Bialek and Caleb Orlin Thompson in Febuary 2017. After several years of building and designing their own equipment, requests started coming in for us to build systems for others. Noticing the demand and need for quality performing and durable pure water systems, we decided to launch PH7 Pure Waters Systems Inc. The goal was to speciifcally design systems that are "employee" proof, simple, durable, and cost effective. Our products are built by window cleaners for window cleaners, and have become a cornerstone for performance, longevity and durability.

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High Performance

High Volume 2 Pole Capable "Pure Water" System


Fast Support

Custom Built in
Wautoma, Wisconsin USA


E-Z Filter Availability

All of the filters used on the PH7 are commonly found at your local hardware store or are available online.