Commercial Grade
Pure Water Systems
Designed and Built
by Window Cleaners
for Window Cleaners!

About Us and Our Business Model

Our business model is simple... We cut out the middle man. With massive online retailers and the World Wide Web, the distributor business model is old fashioned. We endorse buying direct from the companies that actually produce the products. When buying from us you will never be dealing with a salesman, you will always have direct contact with either Myron or Caleb. We are a small family owned company, based in central Wisconsin. We use only American made 304 stainless steel as the base for all our systems and build them all in house. They are not mass produced and each unit is custom built by Myron himself.

Another benefit of our products is that they all use universal fittings and filters. "Proprietary Filters" and "Custom Fittings" are all swear words in our opinion. All those terms mean is that you're going to over pay and have to buy specific parts from the seller. This can increase your odds at having to wait for parts to ship if you ever run into any problems or need replacements. This can mean downtime for your company and cost you even more in lost revenue.

All our systems can be worked on and parts found locally at any hardware store or on Amazon. In fact most of our filter purchases are Amazon links, cutting out the massive up charge from resellers. We have done extensive testing on everything we endorse. Each product will have details as to why we built it that way and why we use what we use.

Having doubts? Not sure if the PH7 fits your needs? Please Contact Us with any questions! You can rest assured knowing this system has Five Years of research, development and field testing. Seven different window cleaning companies tested it around the United States for the entirety of the 2016 season. Everyone had fantastic results and most showed a huge savings in how much money and how many DI filters they used compared to their previous systems. We are now happy to be bringing the system to you! We hope to do business with you soon! Keep washing!