The new PH7 pure water system was designed and built by Window Cleaners for Window Cleaners.

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Our cart is made from 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel is much stronger then regular steel, and lasts much longer, because it doesn't rust. My local machine shop spent extra time in making the tooling used to build our bracket system. Stainless steel is much harder to bend, and took a lot of testing before we found a good way to make the parts. It took about a full year of building and testing the brackets before we got our final product that we use today. It was worth all the effort, the brackets we use should now last the window cleaners for many years to come. That was the overall goal for our PH7 pure water system, was to build a long lasting and quality unit. This way the core of the system will never need to be replaced or start to rust or look bad.

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